Review on Digital MP4 Players - The Next Era Portable Media Players

Published: 12th July 2009
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One of the most recent gadgets that had made it possible for everyone to have digital entertainment while on the go are the MP4 Players. MP4 players are portable media players that enable us to play digital content in the MP4 format.MP4 format, short for Moving Picture Expert Group- 4(MPEG-4) is the successor of the MP3 format. This multimedia format can contain both digital audio and video content unlike MP3 which is an audio compression format only.

MP4 players are relatively new products that have already captured the market and they are definitely here to stay. Not only can we listen to our favorite tunes and watch the best movies with these devices, they also allow us to do a lot more and get us addicted to them immediately. With these sleek and stylish devices we can even take pictures and view them instantly in their color LCD displays.

MP4 Players can be easily connected to computers, laptops and televisions. Some MP4 players also have touch screen and allow us to download e-books and record our own music. Inspite of this vast array of features, MP4 players are cheaper in comparison other media players. Most MP4 players also have the same look and feel of iPods and mobile phones. These are some of the main reasons why many people prefer this over other portable digital media players.

Many MP4 players also support file formats of other versions such as AMV, WMV, WAV and MPs of lower versions with exactly the same clarity.

Buying an MP4 player is a difficult process to many since there are many variations and each model is an enhancement over the other. There are many branded and non branded versions of MP4 players available at different costs and sizes.

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